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SkinRich is an e-commerce platform where you can purchase SkinRich brand products such as cosmetics and various allied services with existing currency and SKIN coins anywhere in the world. You can earn SKIN coins as compensation by purchasing SkinRich brand products or by contributing to the platform. Companies affiliated with the SkinRich brand can target SKIN coin holders and quickly expand their product sales market, and customer reaches through the ‘Purchase Rewards’ program. In addition, SKIN coins can be used to build simple, low-cost, cross-border payment services. Also, instead of spending a lot of budget on advertising and distribution, SkinRich rewards its customers with quality cosmetic products for a reasonable price and additional economic benefits. SKIN coins can be obtained by just visiting the SkinRich mall daily. You can also receive the SKIN coins assigned to the product when purchasing cosmetics included in the SkinRich brand line-up.